About Me

HISTORY - real quick

Passion for the Art of Ads

This is where it all started. Many years ago, when I decided to attend a series of lectures on the laws of persuasion.  The use of language is the ultimate wand for effective marketing.

 I consider marketing a CONVERSATION subtly creating a bridge of CONNECTION between the person in need of something and a solution that delivers on that very need.

I am that person who will voluntarily view all in-stream skippable adverts back to back during my YouTube time. What a …[you insert your opinion here].

Adverts are a form of modern art and that’s how I see them. 

about me
about me

Focus on Success

I work independently most of the time but  enjoy integrating and collaborating with external teams. 

Delivering effective Google Ads requires a balance of creative and analytical skills. Working remotely as a freelancer allows me to access that balance. 

It also suits my personality. I don’t seek social media popularity. I work behind the scenes towards what matters – the success of my clients.


Trust. Commitment. Value.

How many business relationships do you currently have that are based on real trust? If you can think of ONE, then you are blessed.

As a freelancer, I consider mutual trust as the core of a successful work relationship. This means when you decide to work with me, you’ll know I will be fully committed to making a positive difference in your business. 

I regularly work overtime outside of agreed hours – without any additional cost to you – to deliver on your marketing goals. The pay-per-click marketing requires continuous research, and as work hours depend on so many factors, my pricing is fixed to give you more stability in terms of your expenses. I usually use a project based quote with a detailed list of deliverables. If you still prefer an hourly rate quote, no problem. 


This is my unique Value Proposition to you – The Fixed Price + Full time Project Management at a fraction of what you’d pay if you had to employ an in-house team. I could argue my commitment will be much greater also.

 I understand you may work to a tight budget yourself, or,  you aren’t in a position to employ a marketing team in house – this is where my services can be the right solution for you.

There are many approaches and possibilities if you want to use Google Ads to advertise your services. During the discovery process, you will be given an honest overview of cost and deliverables. Nothing is forced upon you. Every aspect of my Business to Business relationship has a strong foundation of Work with Integrity towards greater benefit of my client.