In recent months we have endured and gone through major changes to not only our way of life but the way we conduct business and market ourselves to consumers.

During these uncertain times, businesses across industries are getting heavily affected by the lockdowns brought on by the pandemic, and their campaigns performance have been affected in one way or the other.

Around this time last year, in March 2020, businesses were forced to decrease their ad spend. Businesses in hard-hit industries like tourism, hospitality, bars and restaurants, live entertainment, have all seen a significant drop in their ad impression and conversion rates.

On the other hand, many businesses, like online retailers have experienced a surge of traffic and sales for a variety of products, from loungewear and trainers, home office furniture, to supplements and electronics.

Major economical changes are happening globally as we speak, and so is consumers’ behaviour, their needs, interests and motivations.

This is why it is important as businesses and marketers to understand how and what internet users are searching for and the keywords they use.

Let’s take a look at the top search trends for five key sectors, including retail, travel, finance, home and garden, and auto.

Search Trends on Google


When it comes to retail, most consumers are using online shopping. While a large number of consumers still prefer to shop for clothes from physical stores instead of online, the retail sector has seen a significant increase in the online purchases of other products and commodities.

However, even if consumers prefer in-store purchase of clothes, search trends show that they still rely heavily on online information before making a purchasing decision. In fact, in the UK, 2020 saw a 40% increase in “near me” searches, which implies that consumers are carefully exploring and evaluating their choices of stores before they step out to shop.

There was also a 400% increase in review searches, which implies that people are looking for reassurance that they are purchasing the best products.

This shows that it pays to invest in Google Ads as it makes your business more discoverable and relevant.


The travel and tourism industry has taken a hard hit during this pandemic. Borders are closed, flights are cancelled, and traveling for holiday still doesn’t seem to be a viable option in the next few months.

Even though domestic and few international flights have resumed with strict precautionary measures in place, the industry is still far from bouncing back to where it was.

Understandably, there has been a reduced number of searches for keywords such as “hotels,” “plane tickets,” and “flights.”

At the same time, by a spike in certain search trends we can see that consumers have gained interest in preparing their own unique travel experience.

For instance, people want a personalised, DIY travel arrangements as opposed to holiday packages.

This desire to plan your own holiday has resulted in an increase in “what’s on near me today” searches. The US also saw a decline in “all-inclusive vacations” searches.

The trend of travelers prioritising value for their money while traveling is also expected to continue. The UK saw a 45% increase in “discount code” searches as consumers search for more ways to save money.

From a business perspective, a captivating value offer is more important than ever.

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Finance has always been a core sector that generates plenty of online searches. With the impact of lockdowns on the economy, many consumers are now struggling financially and are realising the importance of effectively managing your finances. This has led to an increase in searches like “best online bank” and “high-interest savings account.”

Consumers are also looking for convenience in payments, as reflected by an increase in searches for different payment methods, whether you are at home or abroad.

There has also been a higher interest in credit cards as the UK saw a 30% increase in “how to apply for credit card searches.”

Home and Garden

The lockdown has resulted in interesting search trends related to the home and garden sector. As we are forced to stay home, our changing lifestyle calls for adjustments. This then trickles down onto our Google searches.

For instance, there was a 35% increase in searches related to “furniture near me,” a 50% increase in “best carpet cleaner” searches, and a 30% increase in “indoor plant pots” searches.

These trends reflect the changing interests and lifestyle choices that we have made as a result of the lockdown, such as an increased interest in beautifying and maintaining our homes.


The automotive industry has seen interesting search trends appearing in the past few years. With concerns for the environment increasing, there has been a whopping 75% rise in “electric car” searches.

Another search trend is one that reflects our desire for convenience. People are looking for cars, car parts, and car washes and repair centers which are nearby. There was a 40% increase in “cars for sale near me” searches.

PPC Insights & Budgeting on Google

The 1st lockdown has resulted in such a significant decrease in demand that many businesses decided that it made more sense to press pause on their campaigns and opted to cut their ad spend dramatically.

Even businesses who were investing in PPC in the initial stages of the lockdown saw that their click-through rates and conversion rates were much lower than usual because most people were unwilling to convert at a time when many were losing their jobs. Financial stability always was and still is a priority.

In fact, according to Wordstream, conversion rates in the US in the first few weeks of lockdown dropped by as much as 21%. Of course, businesses belonging to different industries saw and will continue to see a varying performance with Google Ads.

On the other hand, according to Acquisio, local grocery establishments who continued to advertise using Google Ads during the lockdown continue to see great cost-per-clicks (CPCs) as well as high impressions and click-through rates. Businesses selling essential commodities should take note of this.

During a crisis, cutting back ad spend may seem to make sense, but it is also the most important time for businesses to attract potential customers.

Investing in PPC advertising with quality ads can help you draw in new customers to keep your business afloat and thriving in the next few years while the economy continues to recover.

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