Freelance Google Ads Management

There are more than 90 different types of ads that you can run from Google advertising platform alone. That’s a lot of options, which might be confusing. 

Find more details on the types of ppc advertising services I offer below:


Search Ads

Search Ads refer to the ad type characterised by being displayed above the organic search results of a search engine (Google ,Bing). 

Search Ads are often called Text Ads, although latest features allow advertisers to add images and company logos (beta). This makes a standard Text Ad a mixed asset ad.

If you’d like to use Search Ads to promote your business on Google, and you’re unsure how to get started, get in touch with me. 

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Display Ads

Display Ads are the the term to describe an Ad Type that is served on Display Network. Display network comprises google properties as well as more than 2 million partner sites. 

Vast range of placements available when running display campaigns, helps many advertisers to reach users as they browse internet.

Good use cases for Display ads are Brand Awareness or for Remarketing Campaigns 

Whether you need help reaching new audience, or want to re-engage your paying customer, I might have a turn-key solution for you. 


Audience Set Up

This is what I am always so excited about, when it comes to reaching people that matter to your business, I go the extra lengths to dive deep into insights of your existing customers. 

With that knowledge, consumer trends research and a know how inside Google Audience Manager Platform, I set up Segments that are then matched with campaigns’ objectives. 

Whether you need help reaching new audience, or want to re-engage your paying customer, I might have a turn-key solution for you. 


Campaign Optimisation

Your live campaigns need ongoing optimization. Without the monitoring and weekly or monthly audits, your campaigns are likely to drop in performance. 

Due to the live auction nature of bidding and a pay-per-click advertising structure, regular optimisation ensures all negative shifts are spotted quickly and dealt with accordingly.


Moving Your Project Forward

My freelance services include full pay-per-click project management on Google Ads. 

I will research, plan and execute all works outlined in the scope. 

I have 5+ years of experience and can identify the best possible solution for your business quickly. Your ads can be live in as little as 5 days or less.

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